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In Dynamics AX 2009 the Timezone support was introduced, so when you are now entering a time value you can also specify the Timezone that corresponds the entered value. In conjunction with the Excel Template Wizard you may however run into a small isssue, when you use in the Dynamics AX Client a different user interface (UI) language than English (US).

When you create a new template for data import and you add the Timzeone column you notice already when filling out the template in Microsoft Office Excel that for the exported Timezone column the values don’t show up in your localized language but in English.

When you save the Excel file and try to import to newly added rows, for some Timezone values the import can fail. The error message shows up in the local language but translates to the follwoing wording:

The value “079::(GMT+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna” is not found in the map.

The issue occurs as the export / import of the Timezone system enum happen on different tiers:

  • During the creation of the Excel template the values for the system enum Timezone are retrieved on the AOS and here the values are returned in English (US).
  • The import is however performed on the Client and here the Timezone values are matched against the localized values of the system enum.

Those values that are the same in both languages can be matched, those that are different can’t. This explains also why the import only fails for some records.

Changing the RunOn property of the class SysDataExcelDef to the value Called from will result in the Timezone values being correcly exported in the Client language.

–author: Alexander Lachner
–editor: Alexander Lachner
–date: 27/04/2009

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