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I once had the problem that I was not able to create any new Dynamics AX 4.0 Enterprise Portal sites. The error ocurred during the registration phase after selecting a company account.

The error message showing up in the browser was:

The Web site http://server/site was not created correctly. Exception: The Microsoft Dynamics session get object call AOTiterator failed.

During the registration phase of a new Enterprise Portal site the Dynamics AX AOT is accessed, e. g. to get the content of the nodes unter AOT\Web\Web Files\Static Files. During troubleshooting it turned out that accessing the root node (Web) was not possible, returning ***unknown*** as the name of the node.

I was able to solve this issue by deleting the *.kti and *.auc files of the .NET Business Connector on the Enterprise Portal Server. After a restart of the IIS Services the Enterprise Portal registration was working as expected.

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