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When installing Enterprise Portal for Dynamics AX 2009 one of the most often reported reasons for a failing installation is the uncompiled SysDevelopmentProxy class.

In the DynamicsSetup.txt log file this manifests in the following error message:

Error executing code: SysDevelopmentProxy (object) has no valid runable code in method ‘generate’.

The reason for this issue is that .NET Business Connector is (or was) not installed on the Microsoft Dynamics AX Client where the initialization checklist was run. Therefore the SysDevelopmentProxy class was (and still is) not compiled. Since a method of this class is going to be called during the Setup of Enterprise Portal the installation will fail.

To compile the SysDevelopmentProxy class manually:

  1. Start the Dynamics AX 2009 Client on a PC where also the .NET Business Connector is installed

  2. Open the AOT window

  3. Expand the Classes node

  4. Locate the SysDevelopmentProxy class

  5. Click with the right Mousebutton at the class and choose Compile from the context menu

If you receive a compile error the .NET Business Connector is most likely not installed.

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