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Some of you have noticed that the Chart displayed in “Customer Order – Summary” contained a series label called Series 1.


Well the reason for that being shown is because we have missed to filter out all customer with have no data in the field: Chart_SalesOrderAmountLCY.Value

So how is that actually done? Well let me show you:

1. Design Report 70000

2. Select “View / Layout”

3. Right click the chart in the bottom of the report


4. Select “Filters” tab

5. Type the follow:





6. With this filter we now filter out where “Chart_SalesOrderAmountLCY.Value” is equal blank.


7. Now save and compile the report and display in RoleTailored client. Now only customers with outstanding orders are shown in the chart.


I have updated the demo reports package to reflect this change.

The reports can be downloaded from here.


Claus Lundstrøm, Program Manager, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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