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The purpose of this post is to present the major changes and new functionality that was introduced for sales and transfer order picking in AX 2009.

The aim and the idea behind these changes is to move towards a single system for picking that can be shared in order to simplify and unify future extensions.

The post contains information about:

  • User Interface changes

  • Changes to tables and classes

  • Upgrade scripts

  • New functionality for order picking

  • New enhancements for advanced WMS outbound processes

Differences in terminology

Picking registration, as known in AX 4.0, is referred to as order picking. Picking with output orders and advanced WMS, as applied in AX 2009, is referred to as consolidated picking.

Differences from a UI perspective

The parameter Set inventory transactions to picked in AX 4.0 is now obsolete, and it has been replaced by the Picking route status parameter.

Set inventory transactions to picked in AX 4.0

The following conversion rules apply:

Dynamics AX 4.0 Dynamics AX 2009
Set inventory transactions to picked = selected Picking route status = Complete
Set inventory transactions to picked = not selected Picking route status = Active

When you post a picking list, and the picking route status is Active, the reference for inventory transactions is set to Output order instead of Invent-picking list registration:

picking list and the picking route

When you click Posting/Picking list registration from a sales order or a transfer order, a new registration form opens:

Picking list registration from

The Picking list registration form is used to register what was picked and it is quite similar to the picking registration form in AX 4.0. You can either update the entire picking route or update individual lines, and you can view and pick both consolidated lines and order picking lines in this form.

Additional functionality available from this form:

  • Barcode identification

  • Split of picking lines

  • Unpick of picking lines with the option to put items on another location

  • Cancellation of picking lines

A new inventory parameter, End output inventory order, is introduced:

output inventory order

The End output inventory order parameter controls whether or not the reference between an output order and inventory transactions is removed when you delete or decrease the quantity of a picking registration line.

If the End output inventory order parameter is selected, the behavior is similar to the behavior in AX 4.0, and that is to say that after posting, the inventory transactions do not reference an output order.

It the End output inventory order parameter is not selected, the reference between the output order and inventory transactions is not removed and a new picking route can be created from the Open output orders form.

When the picking list is posted, the status of the picking lines and the inventory transactions changes.

In AX 2009, there are no separate tables to store picking list journal and picking list registration data.

Differences from a code perspective

In AX 2009, picking is handled using the WMS module and several classes and tables prefixed with WMS are used. This means that several tables are controlled by the LogisticsAdvanced configuration key rather than by the WMSAdvanced configuration key as in AX 4.0.

The figure below shows how the tables in AX 4.0 map to the tables used in AX 2009:

WMS data model

Changes to classes

In AX 4.0, several classes were used when posting a picking list for transfer orders or sales orders. These classes are not directly replaced by new classes.

The picking route is updated by calling the updateRoute method on the WMSPickingRoute table.

The WMSOrderTransType class hierarchy is used for the actual pick of the line. A new class, WMSOrderTransType_Output_OrderPick, has been added, and this class is dedicated to order picking.

Upgrade scripts

The upgrade of the picking list data is handled by the createWMSPickingData script in the ReleaseUpdateDB41_Invent class.

Only active picking lists for registration that are not yet picked are updated into the new tables.

New functionality in the advanced WMS module in AX 2009

This post covers the changes to the order picking functionality.

However, several enhancements were made to the Advanced WMS functionality in AX 2009 enabling you to, for example:

  • Use shipment template priority for automatic addition of output orders

  • Add shipment lines in an active shipment process

  • Include service items and items without locations to a shipment

  • Partially activate a shipment picking process for inventory on hand

  • Rerun shipment reservation

  • Run shipment reservation and physical shipment updates in batch

  • Control shipment reservation rules

  • Use outbound rules to control the process

  • Use new picking forms to unpick operations

  • Cancel picking routes and individual lines

  • Use minimum quantity on bulk pallet before creating a pallet transport

  • Refill with less than a full pallet from bulk locations

  • Use new refill pallet triggers and automatically activate refill of pallet transports

  • Use a paper based picking list enhanced with barcode identification and sorting based on optimal route

  • Deliver picked items to staging/production

  • Pack items for loading and subsequently load items

Hopefully we would cover more on this exiting functionality in our next posts. Keep watching.

Per Lykke Lynnerup & Lennart Conrad, Inventory Management, Microsoft Dynamics Ax. 

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