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CRM MVP Julie Yack is our guest blogger today and she has an invitation for you developers.


Dear my developer friends,

You are some of the smartest people I know.  Your detailed and (mostly) logical thought process is what helps us build such great software together.  However, sometimes you need a helping hand to notice some of the things someone else built before you, you see a problem and rush to try to solve it yourself, not knowing if the solution already exists.  In XRM/CRM more so than other application building.

In moderating the XRMVirtual meetings, I have noticed most of the questions we see are from developers that just need to know more about the user-side of CRM and that many of their common requests might very well be built already.

So with this in mind we have teamed up with CRMUG for a joint presentation on CRM for Developers.  This session will be highly interactive with several of us on hand for answering questions and we will be led by my friend, a self-confessed CRM freak Menno te Koppele a Microsoft Partner Technology Specialist.  This is a class FOR DEVELOPERS, not for end-users, but you will learn more about the user-experience YOUR users will have.

The event is FREE, but registration is REQUIRED.  June 17, 2009, 9am pst, it is scheduled for 90 minutes, but we can go long or short depending on the group and what they need/want.

See you there??

XRM Virtual User Group – link to event details


Julie Yack

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