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When sending reports per email, recipients are only receiving winmail.dat files :
They have two kind of problems.

  • Sometimes the attachement does not reach the customer.

  • When the customer reads the axapta.pdf then the text is not visible all the time. It is kind of kyrilic letters.

The problem is:
E-mails created by Axapta use the Outlook rich text encoding, which is not supported by many e-mail clients.
It would be very difficult to make Axapta send e-mails in different format. It uses the SMAPI interface to send report e-mails, and this API doesn’t have any means of enforcing any given encoding. To be able to do that, a completely different API would need to be used (for example MAPI, using the workaround described in KB278321), and that means that core e-mail logic would need to be rewritten – a change that would probably need much work, and has potential of breaking many things in Axapta.

Please go through following KBs on Exchange configuration to resolve the problem:

  • KB841668: A mail-enabled contact may receive a Winmail.dat file attachment with an SMTP e-mail message instead of receiving the correct file attachment in Exchange 2000 Server

  • KB181953: Sending RTF with Attachment as MIME Loses Attachment

  • KB821750: How to configure Internet e-mail message formats at the user and the domain levels in Exchange Server 2003

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