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Download this new version of the SDK or view it on MSDN.

This release provides continuing support for the on-premise user and new information for online users. The following are some highlights. For a complete list of changes, see the Release History on the first page.

Server-to-Server Authentication Sample . This sample shows how to authenticate and impersonate the logged-on user in a server-to-server scenario with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Metadata Browser – Over 100 pages from the metadata browser have been incorporated into the SDK so that Online users have access to this information.

Visual Studio Templates. Added three new Microsoft Visual Studio template projects for you to use to start your projects: CRM Web page, plug-in, and custom workflow activity. For more information, see List of Samples in the SDK Download.

Dependent Picklist Sample – This sample shows how to make the options available in a picklist field dependent on the selected option of another picklist. It supports chaining several picklist fields together. This sample also includes best practices for defining functions in the OnLoad event and reusing them in other form events.

Updated WSDLS for CRM Online. Added new properties available only on Online and a new Discovery service method that retrieves the logged-on user’s ID in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Delete Async Records Sample – This sample shows how to remove completed records from the async table.

KB Article Topics – added topics that describe knowledge base article states, how to create, publish and remove the articles, and how to search for published knowledge base articles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Updated Visual Studio projects to work for both VS 2005 and VS2008.
  • Updated support information for plug-in and workflow assembly backwards compatibility.
  • More sample code updates and miscellaneous bug fixes.

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