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Have you wondered why there is so little in the SDK specific to CRM Online? That’s because a large part of the developer scenarios for CRM are identical for both CRM Online and CRM 4.0 (on-premise). There are two features, plug-ins and custom workflow activities, that are currently available only in the on-premise version. However, other aspects of the SDK are available for both. In addition, there are a few messages that are for CRM Online only. These provide resources that are unique to CRM Online.

Tip: Search in the SDK for “CRM Online Only” to find them. This is quite easy to do in the download version of the SDK. This screenshot shows you one of these messages.


Each message in the SDK has a table at the top of the page that tells you two things:

1. Which deployments support the message (on-premise, online, or IFD)

2. Whether the message works while disconnected from the server (offline)

The following screenshot shows the Create message, which works for all deployment types and works while the client is online or offline.


Get the SDK download, which contains all the samples, including many that are too big to appear in the help file. Or view the SDK help file online.


Amy Langlois

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