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I see a lot of support questions on the CRM Team Blog. Some of them get answered, many do not. The best way to get answers to pressing questions depends a lot on how much customization you do to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation. It is also important to know what version you are using. If you have a support plan for your CRM installation, that is hands down the fastest way to to get help. The support team will bend over backwards to get you answers and they are measured on how quickly they can do just that.


As I also maintain the Dynamics Forums I should say that many times that is the fast way to get answers to common questions including common customizations. It helps to have read the documentation before you ask a question, but there are rarely new questions that our forums team hasn’t heard. Examples of questions that will probably not get answered include:

1. Can you give me some custom code to do something for me?

2. How can I do this and I don’t want to read the documentation?

3. I know nothing about CRM, can you tell me enough to get me started? (See number 2.)

4. I have a question about another Microsoft product that has nothing to do with CRM; can you answer that?

When you get a great answer please feel free to mark the post as answered by clicking the ‘Mark as Answer’ button at the bottom of the post. There are a lot of good people including CRM MVPs answering questions and I love to see them get credit for their hard work. With all the Microsoft Dynamics CRM resources available to you, we should be able to answer most of your questions in a timely manner.



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