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If you are setting up a Shipment template in Dynamics AX 2009 by going to Inventory Management | Setup | Distribution | Shipment templates and define a Criteria (by clicking at the Criteria button) you might notice later that the Query criteria cannot be reset. When you click at the Reset button in the Query form nothing happens.

This is usually no problem as you can still individually change the Query criteria, but it will get an issue as soon as you are adding one or more linked tables in the Structure part of the Query form (e. g. n:1 > Order lines > 1:n > Alt. address) as those additional tables can now no longer be removed.

In the case of the Shipment template the Query definition is stored as part of the database record of the relevant shipment template and is restored again once the Query dialog is reopend. The Reset button is not working in this scenario.

But there exists an easy alternative: For the relevant Shipment template simply change the value in the column Site to a different value and immediately change it back to the original value. When the Shipment template record is saved the Query criteria was automatically reset.

–author: Alexander Lachner
–editor: Alexander Lachner
–date: 10/07/2009

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