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Maximum number of records displayed on the Mobile Express grid

We have used the Records Per Page option used by the CRM Application to drive the number of records displayed on the mobile express grids. We scale down the number by a factor of 5 to make it more palatable for the mobile scenario. If your setting for Records Per Page is 50 in the CRM Application then Mobile Express will display a maximum of 10 records per page. As always your comments, concerns and feedback are most welcome.


Empty Custom Fields

So you have customized an entity’s Mobile Express form by adding the fields you would like to see when you access the entity using Mobile Express on your phone. When you click on the entity’s record from the grid you don’t see all the fields, what’s going on? We have chosen to show only the fields with data in them on the Mobile Express entity read only form. The team felt that it would be prudent to not show fields with no data and take up screen real estate on an already small mobile phone screen. You will be able to see all fields you have added to the form when you enter edit mode on the phone by clicking the Edit button in the read only form. Hope this feature proves useful. We would love to hear your comments, concerns and feedback.



Read Only Form

Edit Form


Ramanathan Pallassana

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