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The Look-up control experience in Mobile Express 4.0 is a little different from CRM Web Application because we designed the Mobile Express Look-up to be light-weight but powerful and support the broadest range of mobile devices/browsers.

If you have a related entity on the Mobile Application form, then understanding how the look up works should be useful to you. For example, if you add Primary Contact field into the Mobile Account form, then the Look-up control will render as below.


*Look-up control consists of an Entity Type label and an Entity Name edit box. For this example, the Entity Type is Contact, and the Entity Name would be the name of the Contact that you can type in.

We also support related entities where the Entity Type can be different types. For example, for the Regarding field in Task Entity, the Entity Type will be rendered as Dropdown box, instead of a label. You can then select the appropriate Entity Type for Regarding and type the name of the regarding record.


Setting Look-up value

1) Select Entity Type

2) Enter record name in the Entity Name text box

3) Click Save

There are three possible states that define the Look-up control behavior after you Click Save.

1) Exact match: If the name uniquely matches a record in the system, you’re done! No further action required from you.

2) Multiple matches: In this case the Look-up control will present a list of possible matches to you. You will need to select a value from the dropdown list, or you can narrow down your search by retyping the name and clicking Save.


Notice: there is a “< Cancel >” item in the possible matches-list. If you select “< Cancel >” and click Save it will roll back to the previous Look-up value that was set on this record; just like what cancel operation would do.

3) No match: In this case you will get an error that no match was found. You can try to input a different name in the Entity Name text box and Click Save again.


To Clear the Look-up value (or setting to NULL), simply set the Entity Name text box to empty string and Click Save.

Look-up find Columns

The Mobile Express Look-up control searches for possible matching records the same way as the CRM Web Application by using the “Find Columns” in the “Look up View”. You can customize the “Find Columns” in the Customization form. (Settings->Customization->[Customizable Entity]->Forms and Views->Lookup View->Add Find Columns).

For the Entities that don’t have Lookup View, the Look-up is resolves against the primary attribute.

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Pongsiri Hirunyanitiwatna

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