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When using Gantt charts from any module it works fine, but when trying to edit it from the AOT the following error occurs:
(e.g. when opening AOT/Forms/SmaDispatchBoard/Designs/Design/ and right click/edit)

The licensing has failed!
Please contact Netronic Software GmbH…

The reason for this is that the license for Gantt charts in Dynamics AX is only valid for runtime not development.

The guideline is that if you want to customize the Gantt control beyond using the available APIs, you should buy a development license from Netronic.
The statement from Netronic is that the development license is only needed for interactive or design time changes to the Gantt ActiveX control. It includes adding/editing the XGantt ActiveX control to the form as well, since it is being done at the design-time. However, if you are accessing XGantt ActiveX control in the run-time (through API) – e.g. using one of existing AX forms, then there is no need for the XGantt ActiveX development license, since you are not in the design-mode.
This applies to any AX layer (does not matter whether it is SYS or USR).

A good test could be to check whether you can do the same in Visual Studio – AX and Visual Studio development environments should work equally with XGantt ActiveX control.
You can also request a license file by

  • opening Forms/SmaDispatchBoard/Designs/Design

  • Right click – edit

  • AxtiveX/Properties

  • Click the lookup bottom of the Custom property.

  • When the XGantt properties open click the Licensing bottom.

  • Here you can click Request license information from Netronic.

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