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We just published another plug-in development article in the Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK article series. Here’s a summary:

A plug-in is custom computer code that is compiled and registered with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to change or extend the system’s functionality. This article represents part 2 in a multi-part Getting Started series of articles about how to extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM through the development and deployment of plug-ins. Part 1 in the series covered the basics about what plug-ins are, what they can do, when to use them, and the environment in which they execute. This article discusses development, deployment, and debugging of plug-ins. In addition, this article contains information about tools and techniques that can improve your efficiency and development experience as you develop plug-ins.

Here is the link to the plug-in article:

Plug-ins, Part 2: Development and Deployment

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Peter Hecke

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