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imageJohn O’Donnell, one of my fav Microsoft technical evangelists, is at it again with his traveling camera. Today he talks with Erik van Hoof from who stopped by at the CRMUG Summit to show John his company’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM product called CWR Mobile CRM running on his new Zune HD. Here’s the video.

It’s interesting to see how a Zune HD can be used for business applications as well as consumer applications. Most of us have a Zune and this opens new ways of getting to our CRM platform and apps. The last time I talked to Erik (2008 at WPC) I got so excited about improvements in the Mobile hardware and technology that I went out to buy a phone like his.

imagio I’m now using an HTC Verizon Imagio with the WinMo (Windows Mobile) 6.5 platform and everything just works. You can beat the drop from Microsoft Outlook of over 200 contacts in seconds. And the calendar just works both from work using Outlook and home using Windows Live.

The battery life is a little better too. I’m not sure how the OS helped there because the battery is the same kind I’ve been using for a while now. But I’m happy with the extended battery life.



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