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If you utilize some of the warehousing functionality – you have several reasons to look after 2009 SP1!

While improved productivity – for customers and partners alike – is one of the main benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, we continue to focus on quality. We strive to make improvements in the product application with every release. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 is no different. NAV 2009 SP1 provides application enhancements to address customer and partner requests including the correction of up to 170 different issues in Warehousing. Some of these include fixes, redesign or consolidation in the following three areas:

  1. Warehouse Granularity – The granularity in the Warehouse offering is an important characteristic of the feature – with five separate granules and a potential of 121 combinations that can be chosen. The flexibility of choice supports the concept that the warehouse offering in Microsoft Dynamics NAV can fit your business requirement and the granularity allows the system to grow with the company. We had an increasing number of customers who were utilizing this flexibility and some of the combinations that were used were unexpected and further development was necessary to consolidate the usage of these combinations. For example, some cases concerned the combination of all warehouse features except directed pick and put-away (a manual WMS) that is used frequently at installation before switching completely to a full-fledged WMS. Other cases related to a very simple combination with inventory pick or put-away without bin.
  2. Multiple Unit of Measures – Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 now supports multiple units of measures. For example, this makes it possible for a company to buy in tons and sell in meters and the quantities in both the company’s inventory and warehouse will be synchronized and consistent. So, it’s possible to calculate the availability of goods when shifting units of measure. This gives companies greater flexibility as they can change the unit of measure on the fly. This eliminates new specific warehouse rounding issues originating by handling the UOM differently than in the inventory.  The need for manual adjustments to handle rounding residuals is reduced dramatically. All of this saves users time and companies money.
  3. Partial Scenarios with Item Tracking – Several issues have been solved involving Item Tracking, including an issue where an order reservation could be deleted with partial posting. Order information is now sustained even when the order is deleted or only part of an order is shipped. This gives users more reliable information and enables customers to receive partial shipments without the risk of the company losing their order.

 Headlines of some of the fixes are added here:

  • Item Tracking Information Card – Lot No. Blocked field added to the warehouse activity lines in order to inform about the lot information card status of the blocked field.
  • Partial pick cannot be create directly from the sales order when using Whse shipment and the shipment advice is set to Ship complete on the customer card, an explanatory error message will be issued to the user, in case the user want to create the whse shipment to start a partial picking process, the whse shipment can be created and retrieving the sales order (in short: the push scenario is blocked with a new warning while the pull scenario still works)
  • You can use Filters to Get Src. Docs and avoid entries for Customers that are Blocked with Type ‘Ship’; the batch job is now resilient and outbound lines are now retrieved even if some lines has a customer blocked with type “Ship”
  • Function Explode BOM does maintain reservation field on Sales Order Lines
  • The expected receipt date is calculated properly respecting the planned receipt date entered on the purchase order as well as the whse handling time
  • The auto-reservation feature is resilient when an user change Item No. on sales line
  • Various issues with Transfer Order and Item tracking (qty ship =0 generate an issue, reservation and lot tracking info in an order-to-order scenario, adjustment of reservation when adjusting qty) were fixed
  • FEFO and location with directed pick and put-away fixes (when using UOM>base UOM (Unit Of Measure) only one bin was considered, Bin Replenishment in the Movement Worksheet did not correctly use the First Expired First Out (FEFO) rules when creating the Movement request, The expiration dates did not appear on the Whse pick when assigned on the sales order)
  • Reservation and Item Tracking (Reservation Entries were incorrectly updated when partially picking inventory in a Directed Put-away and Pick Location)
  • Ability to ship specific serial numbers when everything is picked. The “Qty. to Handle (Base)” field on the item tracking lines was non-editable, and therefore you could not choose which ones to ship. The “Qty. to Handle (Base)” field is now made editable for situations where item tracking is handled with whse.
  • Next counting period field on Item card, Item (and SKU) are now updated if Physical Inventory Count feature is used to create physical inventory journal lines (both Warehouse and Item Physical Journal).
  • Wrong update of shipment date in sales order, the Shipment Date on Sales Order will only be update when Whse Shipment is fully shipped.
  • Pick worksheet had issues with qty to handle and Qty outstanding in partial scenario involving Serial Numbers.
  • When sales UOM > UOM in Whse, the highest ranking bin containing the item was suggested on pick, no matter if it contained the LOT as specified on the sales order. The Lot/SN filter were not used in the relevant code unit – this is now fixed.
  • Wrong Pick quantity were calculated when items were at multiple bins and using lot tracking and order tracking reservation.
  • Reservation entries are removed and users do not really know the impact on changing “Shipment Date” on the header. The mechanism has been re-implemented so that reservation entries are recreated correctly.
  • Tracking information created on a sales order were not deleted when the sales order line was.
  • Poor Performance on Get Bin Content function when using Lots, this has been fixed.

Philippe Jacobsen

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