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A world without choice, for some organizations, would be more reality than fiction.   

While many organizations have made CRM investments with other vendors because they were led to believe that they were “cheaper,” these same organizations are learning first-hand about the tradeoffs with those purchases.  Interface restrictions.  Deployment restrictions.  Integration restrictions.  And extreme pricing or nickel and diming that forces them into uncomfortable payment terms.

Last week’s announcement of the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online release, the November 2009 service update, was an important release for the market in two ways.   First, organizations can get started quickly, easily, and for less money.  Second, and Oracle CRM On Demand customers can switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and get the first six months free. 

Considering Microsoft Dynamics CRM has over 1 million users and 20,000 customers, has achieved sub-second response times for 50,000 concurrent users, and been recognized with industry awards for product innovation and customer success, it has become one of the fastest growing products in the CRM industry.

We’re excited about last week’s announcement, the interest it’s generated, and how the market is questioning competitive approaches.  What do you think? 

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