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This post is from CRM MVP Julie Yack who is at PDC ‘09.

Today at PDC Scott Guthrie announced not only loads of cool new features for Silverlight 4, but also the release today of the Beta. So, what in the world does that have to do with CRM? Glad that you asked. We’ve got a quick demo of Dynamics CRM 4 with a Silverlight 4 tool. First a little about new Silverlight functions that allow access to web camera and microphone, then using that in CRM.  Be sure to check out Silverlight Jumpstart for extensive (over 50 pages of new content) for Silverlight 4 updates, available only from the publisher. (in case anyone is wondering, no I didn’t write the code samples, my hubby did)  This is an excerpt from the new content of the Silverlight Jumpstart book.

Web Camera / Microphone Support

Silverlight 4 now allows developers to access to the raw audio and video streams on the local machine from applications running both in and out of the browser. Using these capabilities developers can write applications including capture and collaboration using audio and video. This is built-in to the core runtime and no other special downloads are required on each machine. When the audio or video is accessed for the first time by the application the user will be prompted to approve the request. This ensures that audio and video is never accessed without the user’s knowledge preventing applications that capture silently in the background.

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Julie Yack

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