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We recently came across and issue where when we click on the “Deploy ODC” button in the OLAP Administration form in AX 2009 client (AX 2009 -> Administration -> Setup -> Business Analysis -> OLAP -> OLAP Administration)

we get the following error in InfoLog:


“Development site is not found in the EPParameters table”


The reason is that In order to deploy the ODC files successfully an Enterprise Portal site must have been installed successfully and registered in the Web Sites form (AX 2009 -> Administration -> Setup -> Internet ->

Enterprise Portal -> Web Sites). The ODC deployment uses the Enterprise Portal web site listed in the box under “Site called by the Application Object Tree for Web development” to determine where to deploy the .odc files to. If this section is empty and/or if the url specified is inaccessible or incorrect then this is one of the reasons why you may get the error message shown in the InfoLog


Further Info:

By default the ODC files are deployed to the <URL specified in the “Site called by the Application Object Tree for Web development” section>/Data Connections”. ODC files are used by web parts that require a connection to the OLAP server and database, for example to display KPIs in Role Centers.

See the attachment which includes screenshots of the errors and forms mentioned.

Development site is not found in the EPParameters table.pdf

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