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The CRM E2 team is pleased to announce the release of the Nuts and Bolts article Outlook Synchronization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, which is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center at:

Outlook synchronization enables Outlook users to view Dynamics CRM information, including contacts, tasks, phone calls, letters, faxes, appointments, and e-mails, within the Outlook interface. This document describes the client synchronization process that is associated with Update Rollup 7 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 or later (for on-premise deployments) and with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online November 2009 Service Update or later (for online deployments).

The CRM E2 team especially recognizes the efforts of Tripp Parker, Ian Legler, Danny Gao, Indrojit Deb, Navin Thadani, Ruchi Singhi, Alexander Panov, and the broader CRM Product Development team for contributing to and reviewing this paper to help ensure its completeness and accuracy.


Jim Toland

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