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I’ve been following Keith Combs’ Blahg, Ramblings from another nerd on the grid, and especially the posts about the rollout of the all-new TechNet 2.0. The first in the on-going series is TechNet 2.0 Is Coming – Join the Conversation.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

image The TechNet team is hard at work rolling out a brand new set of platform features code named TechNet 2.0 (or TN20).  We started blogging about those features and you can keep up with them here on my blog.  I made it easy to see via the TN20 tag.  You can further filter that tag if you just want the audio podcasts.

Each week this month, on Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll post a new episode in the series to enlighten you on some new aspect of the platform changes that are coming. Here are the episodes so far:

TechNet 2.0 – Episode 1 – Core Scenarios and Branding

TechNet 2.0 – Episode 2 – The New TechCenters

TechNet 2.0 – Episode 3 – TechNet Search

If you are an avid TechNet reader, here is your chance to work with the folks who create this resource. There are also more than a few good posts about gadgets for the nerd.  :O)



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