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Views allows you to display data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a customized manner, designed for the way you work. Creating them is easy and only requires a few clicks. The types of views include system and personal. Each entity has different system views such as ‘associated view’, ‘active accounts’, etc. You can modify and create entity specific views. Not only does a view allow you to view data from the record but also any records associated to it. This is very convenient when browsing data.

Here is an example of associating an opportunity to a custom entity; let’s call it UserActivityTime. Next, let’s modify the system views to show some data from the opportunity record.

Finally, select the attributes of the record.

*In this example the Est. Revenue field and the Est. Revenue base fields get crossed on the form. So we’d use the base value to see the Est.Revenue.

The modified view now shows the new columns.


Jon White

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