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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners with Deutsche Post in Germany

If you read German you may have caught some exciting news coming from Bonn, Germany and directly from CeBIT (Hanover).

image Microsoft and Deutsche Post  announced a strategic marketing partnership for hosted CRM services that enables businesses to access combined customer relationship management, dialog marketing and postal services online.   As Europe’s largest postal service operator, Deutsche Post is on the forefront of providing online business services to industrial and business customers in Germany.   

The new offering will be marketed as “Dialog Manager Online” and is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The offering combines the many innovative and tailored solutions that Deutsche Post offers ranging from dialog marketing to industrial supply chains. Additionally, CRM capabilities will also be integrated, in a secure way and in accordance with the German Data Protection Act. Customers have integrated access to postal services and addressing and can check for duplicate addresses and optimize postage costs.

“Dialog Manager Online” will give companies tools to create professional and integrated dialogue marketing campaigns that target key customers and grow their business. Organizations can convert actions into opportunities while also keeping track of the sales process.  After successfully converting opportunities into contracts, "Dialog Manager Online" will provide businesses the ability to manage new service orders, divide people, track requests and efficiently manage their resources to not only satisfy customer needs but also run an efficient operation.

The partnership demonstrates the new, innovative ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM team is looking to deliver business efficiency and flexibility to help businesses build stronger relationships with their customers globally.

General availability of this solution is planned for August 2010.  Oh, and if you read German, the official release can be found here.


Jamie Fiorda