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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team has made a Nonprofit Solution for CRM Online available today. The functionality included in the Solution will allow a Nonprofit/NGO to get up and running with a cloud based solution in a few minutes.


The price for this CRM Nonprofits/NGOs is $9.99/user/month

The solution comes with functionality for:

  • Donation and pledge management
  • Member and constituent management
  • Campaign management
  • Case management
  • Event management
  • Tailored dashboards and reports

NGOs can manage constituent and donor engagements from within the browser or from within Outlook. and have the ability to take data offline and work in a disconnected mode as well.

“Nonprofits and NGOs are always challenged with doing more with less,” said Sarah Barnhart, senior program manager of community affairs at Microsoft. “We see technology being a key enabler of helping nonprofits to reduce administration and focus their resources on where they can have the biggest impact. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for nonprofits and NGOs includes customized features that simplify administration and management for organizations of every size.”

To find out more and to sign up, visit:


Nikhil Hasija

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