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Guest blogger and CRM MVP Donna Edwards talks about her experience using Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta.


I recently downloaded Office 2010 Beta and installed it on my CRM Test server. My CRM test environment includes the following:

    • Windows 2003
      • Wish it were Windows 2008 but it is on my rather long ‘To Do’ list
    • SQL 2008
    • CRM for Outlook Client
      • Update Rollup 9
      • Desktop Version
    • Office 2010 Beta

I don’t have the CRM E-mail Router installed because I don’t want to unintentionally send e-mail from CRM but I do have the SRSS Data Connector up and running.

For those of you who haven’t had an opportunity to see the Office 2010 product running with Dynamics CRM then I think there is a good chance you’ll be pleased. Although I haven’t had much time to work with the software, I already have a few favorite features:

  • Ribbon replaces the toolbars
    • I like the Ribbon feature in all the Office products

    • I continually discover new features available from the Ribbon that allow me get work done with fewer clicks

  • CRM Menu moved to the Add-In section
  • Very Nice drop down menu from the CRM button
    • Let’s you check for updates and perform several other tasks

  • Highly Configurable to Support Individual Needs & Preferences
    • Customize the Ribbon; Change Color Scheme; Customize Quick Access Toolbar; etc.

Here are a few screen shots. I chose Silver as my Color Scheme. Other options include Blue and Black.




I think the look is much cleaner, more concise, smooth transitions from one area of the application to another, easier on the eye and best of all, It Works!!

Ok, and although this is not a CRM specific item, I love the Send a Smiley, Send a Frown feature of Office 2010 beta. If you discovered a feature you really like, have a suggestion, or run into an issue you can simply click the icon from the task bar, the program automatically takes a snapshot of your screen, you can add a problem description, the program automatically grabs some environment information and off it goes to Microsoft. How cool is that! I realize this might be included for Beta only, but I still like it!


Hope you have a chance to check out Microsoft Office 2010 Beta for yourself soon!


Donna Edwards

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