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image Today our guest blogger is CRM MVP Joel Lindstrom, a Solutions Consultant for CustomerEffective.

After implementing Mobile Express in our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 environment, we found that some users with Blackberry smartphones could not open the Mobile Express site.  We knew it was not a bug with Mobile Express, as these same phones could successfully launch Mobile Express in some of our client’s environments, just not ours.

Through the process of elimination, we found that the issue was Blackberry Browser related.  The Blackberry actually has two browsers—the Blackberry Browser and the Internet Browser.  When you launch the web browser on the Blackberry, if you go to options, General Options, you will see a dropdown for Browser.  The default setting is Blackberry Browser, but you can change that setting to Internet Browser.  The issue we found was that the Blackberry browser does not correctly interpret security certificates from some providers—that explained why these phones could correctly load the Mobile Express site from some environments but not from others.

After changing the setting to “Internet Browser,” Mobile Express loaded correctly for these users.  Until the next phone upgrade.

Some of our Blackberry users recently upgraded to the latest version of the Blackberry Tour or Curve.  We changed the browser settings on these phones to “Internet Browser,” but they still could not access Mobile Express.   We found that on these new phones that after changing and saving the browser settings, it would reset back to “Blackberry Browser.”

We were able to fix this issue using the process outlined on to configure an IT Policy on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to allow only the Internet Browser on the BlackBerry smartphone.  Following the change, we re-registered the policies on the phones by going to option->advanced options->host routing table->register now.

Now the Blackberries use the Internet Browser and Mobile Express works great for them.


Joel Lindstrom

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