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Microsoft Connect is a connection point between you and Microsoft, and ultimately the larger community. Your suggestions enable us to make a better product.

You can participate in Microsoft Connect in several ways, such as downloading the latest software and written material, taking surveys, exchanging ideas in newsgroup forums, and, most importantly, providing and reviewing feedback about your experiences. Your feedback enables Microsoft to make software and services the best that they can be, and you can learn about and contribute to exciting projects. You can find out further details about how to participate below.

My Connect Dashboard looks like this:


In this screen shot (above), you can see some of the Microsoft projects near and dear to my heart. First I am a beta tester for the Connect site and will remain so as we move forward. I’m also on the Dynamics Connect design team to make that experience as rich and full as possible.

The CRM customer suggestion triage team looks at each suggestion that you submit. The team consists of representatives from the dev, PM (program management), test, UE (user education), SE (support engineer) and marketing teams.

When you visit the Connect site and sign up for the Dynamics Connect portal, you will see this screen:


Here you can search for CRM only suggestions that have already been made and vote on the ones you think are really important. You can also create a new suggestion for the CRM triage to consider.

To search the list of suggestions for only CRM I use the keyword ‘CRM’. In the next screen shot I searched on CRM + workflow to get the pertinent results:


You can use the Microsoft Connect site for other Microsoft products too, especially if you are your company has experts in those programs. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences with the new Connect site and any suggestions that you might have.



We're always looking for feedback and would like to hear from you. Please head to the Dynamics 365 Community to start a discussion, ask questions, and tell us what you think!