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Convergence 2010 kicked off showcasing new Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM technologies to more than 8,500 attendees. As I listened to the keynotes I felt the message “Today, Tomorrow, TOGETHER” was coming across loud and clear. So when Umran Hasan asked if he could post this to our blog, we were glad to oblige.

As part of their joint keynote address, Elop and Tatarinov announced the May 2010 service update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that delivers seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP, new language support, portal accelerators and cloud-based developer tools that help improve business connectivity.

They also disclosed the road map for the expected international availability of the next generation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to 32 markets worldwide. The executives also previewed Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, which will be generally available May 1, 2010, and announced a new promotion for Microsoft Dynamics GP customers to get a license for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online at a rate of $19 (U.S.) per user, per month.

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Umran Hasan

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