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Sometimes it happens that even those that Dynamics User Control Web Part is available on the page some users cannot see it. When you go to Site Action –> Edit Page you can see that Dynamics User Control Web Part is there but with status Hidden. Changing this setting in SharePoint Web Part properties does not help and the property is changed back once you apply changes. It happens because user has no access to this control.

Lets see how to figure out which exactly security key the user is missing. As example we will take Web Control EPCustTableInfoCSS
1. Dynamics User Control Web Part EPCustTableInfoCSS you can find into places in AOT: AOT \ Web \ Web files \ Web Controls – there you can find ascx code -> user interface and cs code -> code behind

2. In AOT \ Web \ Web content \ Managed – you can assign configuration and security setting when you look into our Web Control EPCustTableInfoCSS you can see that this item is assigned to security key EPCSSTask

3. You can find this node in security configuration under Customer –> Tasks

4. Problem is that if user has no right to this node (above edit) he will not be able to see the WebPart and WebPart will be always hidden like it happens in our case.

5. Give user access to needed security key

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