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There are two ways to create meetings in Outlook:
1. directly from the Calendar folder
2. directly from the Contact, right click on the contact, press Create and then select Meeting

The latter would open a new form where you can enter the required data, etc. Not a big deal but after synchronization from Outlook to Dynamics NAV, the Outlook Addin gives an error:

  This attendee already exists

When creating a meeting by right clicking a contact, a link is added to a meeting for that contact. In order to see the linked contacts, go to Tools, Options, Contact Options, Show Linking on all forms. It is then visible at the bottom of a meeting form.

Linked contacts are synchronized as to-do antendees (tab5199) with a flag attendance type (field 3) set to false. While normal contacts have this flag set to true. If there is the same contact present as a meeting attendee in Outlook and as a linked contact, the error occurs when synching, “This attendee already exists”.

It is not supported to have multiple attendees with the same email in outlook, added as recipients or as links since this prevents a correct synchronization to Dynamisc NAV.  As a workaround, Links should be removed from the APP entity, alternatively a duplicate attendee or a link should be removed from a meeting in Oultook before synchronizing the meeting.

To remove the Links from the APP entity, the following needs to be done:
– go to Administration, Application Setup, Microsoft Office Outlook Integration, Outlook Synch. User Setup
– select the APP entity, select No. of Elements and press F6
– select Links and press F4, Yes to delete the Links Outlook Collection from the APP entity in the Outlook Synch. Entity APP – Outlook Synch. Setup Details form

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