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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resource Center for 4.0 and Online has become a very popular place to find information. The following tables highlight the top videos for CRM Online and CRM On Premises last month.

CRM Online: Top 5 Videos in June

Accept an invitation to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Account basics

Take a tour of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Importing customer data

Getting started with leads

CRM On Premises: Top 5 Videos in June

Set up your product catalog

Work with mail merge and mail merge templates

Create a simple workflow

Create and apply e-mail templates

Create and run duplicate detection rules

It is also worth noting that the Resource Center for CRM Online was successfully published into three new languages:

A big thanks to Andrew Becraft, Amy Langlois, Satish Kadam, Josh Chang, the Editing team, SE and Service Delivery team, and the Localization team for all your hard work and perseverance. (And to anyone else who I’ve forgotten to mention. Thank you!)

Renee Wesberry

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