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Only a few user are returned when using the “AD Import Wizard” in AX 2009


This problem occurs because some settings on the network domain are required for non-domain administrators to view all users on the domain within the Active Directory Import Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Here is one possible workaround to resolve this issue:

1.  Add the domain admin to the list of AX users

2.  Add the newly created AX user account to the Administrator group in AX
3.  Perform the import by using the AX account that has domain administrator permissions
Another possible method to workaround this issue is described in the following KB 954518. Although this KB mentions AX 4.0 it should apply to 2009 as well.


To see all users on the domain when you use a user to run the Active Directory Import Wizard within Microsoft Dynamics AX, follow these steps:
1. Make sure that the user who you use is a part of the “Authenticated Users” security group on the domain.
2. Set up the “Authenticated Users” to have “Read” permissions to all objects. This enables authenticated users to see the complete list of Active Directory users during the import process in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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