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Shop Floor Control in Dynamics AX 2009 allows you a great deal of control over how overtime and/or bonus rates can be calculated for shop floor employees.  One common requirement is to calculate overtime on both a daily and a weekly basis.  Here is an example of how to set this up in Dynamics AX 2009.  This example makes use of the Pay Adjustment functionality within Pay Agreements and is based on the Contoso Demo Data (company CEU).

1. Setup the following Pay Types.

a. 1201:  base pay rate of $10.00

b. 1301:  Reference of 1201 and percent of 150

2.  Configure your profile as appropriate for the business.  Here’s a basic setup that’s used for this example.  Be sure to copy your setup for all days of the week on which you work.


3.  Setup a Pay Agreement called CAOT as shown below.  Be sure to copy this setup for all days on which you work.


4.  Go back to the Pay Agreements form and click Pay Adjustment.  Setup your Pay Adjustments as shown below.  Note that the PP_0 pay period is a weekly pay period.


5.  Click on each line in Pay Adjustments and click the Adjustment Pay Types button.  Make sure that each line has an adjustment as shown below.


6.  Assign your Pay Agreement and Profile to employees as appropriate.

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