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Some time ago I run into error while editing Project Time Management Timesheet in Enterprise Portal. Error was very annoying, as when I wanted create the line for timesheet the blank page appear with info:

“Unable to render content due to an error. Please contact your system administrator."

Nothing in event log on AOS server and on Enterprise Portal server as well. As I was system administrator I needed to troubleshoot problem on myself.

It happens that error can occurs in two situations:

I. If for each timesheet you get this error then it can be that timesheet periods are not generated for period assign to employee. To check it:

   1. In Basic > Common Forms > Employee Details

   2. Select employee who has problem. On Setup tab in field ‘Period code’ you can see to which period employee is assigned.

   3. In Basic > Setup > Calendar > Periods select the period found in 2nd point.

   4. Click on button ‘Show timesheet periods’ are there period created for current date? If not you need to generate or update timesheet periods

II. If for some timesheet it works fine and for the other you get error then probably timesheet periods are generated correctly and you are having different problem. In my case I got error when I tried to create line for timesheet 09.06.10 – 15.06.10

   After some investigation we found out that timesheet fail when creating a new line if there is a mismatch between the WSS and Dynamics AX business connector account regional settings. We need for BC proxy account’s regional setting and that of the site in EP to match, otherwise when passing through dates from Data Sets\TSTimesheetEditLines\Methods\setTimesheetPeriod() there will be a failure.

   So to solve the problem you just need to know to which regional settings change WSS site.

   WSS regional settings should be the same as locale for default user under registry key: HKEY_USER\.DEFAULT on IIS machine if bc proxy account does not have user account on IIS server.

    If bc proxy account does have the user account on IIS server (at least once you logged into server using bc proxy account) then it should match bc proxy account regional settings. You can just log again to IIS server as bc proxy and check what exactly regional settings this user has assigned.

   To change regional settings in WSS site

   1. Log in to EP using administrator or site owner

    2. Go to Employee Services > Manage timesheets > Create or edit timesheet – The URL in the browser should be at http://SiteName/EmployeeServices/ManageTimesheets/Enterprise%20Portal/TsTimesheetEdit.aspx

    3. Select Site Actions > Site Settings > Regional Settings

    4. Under the ‘Locale’ setting, select correct regional settings

    5. Click ‘OK’ to apply

After those points you should not get error anymore

–author: Czesława Langowska
–editor: Czesława Langowska
–date: 06/Aug/2010

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