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Real World Scenario

Our customer had different employees looking at different tabs, so to facilitate this, we wanted to configure form security on each tab since this is a property on the Form.

The expectation was that if you assign a security key to a tab or tabpage, this is then configurable on User Group permissions to allow or deny access. However on testing it seems that the security key set does not show up on the permissions tree.
See the screen capture(s) below as an example. Is this property non-functional or is there something we are missing? I tried setting a security key both on the tab and tabpage of custTable, with no success.



Based on what is displayed it appears that security would need to be applied at the CustSetup level.  See the screen capture below.  (Circled in red)



This is not my issue. The problem in my example is I need to see the Customer form appear on the customer setup security level (in the tree below the custsetup level). That way if I have 5 teams, each one with access to one tab, for each group I can select the tab that is approprirate. I looked in other nodes of the tree like customers>Miscellaneous, but I didn’t see it anwhere. Thats’ why I’m wondering if form tab security objects appears on the security tree for selection.

Since it seems that the requirements exceed just setting permissions at the ‘CustSetup’ level lets go into how to set up a new security key for your needs.

Step 1)

Open the AOT > Data Dictionary > Security Keys


Create a new security key, name it, label it and place it in the appropriate location by dropping down the value in the ParentKey

    Step 2) Assign the security key to the tab on the CustTable form

    Open the CustTable form in the AOT expand to where you have the TabPage:TabDimension highlighted. Right click to reveal the properties. On the properties form set the security key to the custtab key that was created in step 1.


    Navigate to the User Group permissions form. Admin Module > Setup > User Group. Select your group, click on permissions tab, then click on the permissions

    Grant the appropriate permissions to the custtab. This is now located under AR > Setup > CustomerTab



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