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Partner James Downey is a Dell Services IT consultant and shares some new thoughts on process and xRM.

The Power of Process: A Pragmatic Approach to Continuous Process Improvement, 1 August 2010
Processes drive business success, define the brand, and determine the bottom line. The innovative organization embraces ongoing change, recognizing that no single process improvement project will fix a process for all time. Rather, an organization must continuously improve all of its processes to meet competitive challenges. This whitepaper outlines a pragmatic, agile approach to continuous process improvement: start simple and build incrementally. Read it to learn more.

Better than Buy, Better than Build: How to Reduce Software Costs with xRM, 27 July 2010
xRM stands for eXtensible Relationship Management, and it amounts to a powerful platform for enabling agility. It means an escape from the buy-build dilemma that has long bogged down IT departments. It means you can satisfy business requirements at the speed the business expects. Read this whitepaper to learn more.


James Downey

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