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CRM MVP and guest blogger, Neil Benson at Customery provides the tip of the day for our readers.

I visited the offices of a new prospective customer recently and at the end of our meeting I handed my business card to the prospect.

“It’s OK,” said Matthew, “I don’t need your card, we’re already connected on LinkedIn”. More than a little shocked, I slipped business card back into its little holder.

The day before the meeting I’d received an unsolicited e-mail from the IT Manager of a local Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer. He was looking for someone to help his development team learn more about extending CRM and to review his existing CRM deployment.


                                                  A snapshot of the group taken this morning. 

Matthew had found my profile on LinkedIn, the business networking site, where I participate in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM group. He’d searched LinkedIn and come across my profile and invited me to connect. Once I’d accepted his invite, Matthew sent me a direct message and requested a meeting in his office which we arranged for the following morning. Until I met Matthew the next day, we’d never even spoken, but he knew all about my background and experience. He even knew which visitor waiting in his office lobby was me because he’d seen my picture on LinkedIn too.

The LinkedIn group’s most popular feature is the discussion board where the members post their questions. The discussion area is a great place to participate in debates about best practices, share implementation experiences, find other CRM customers or partners in your industry or region, or swap stories about third-party CRM add-on solutions. And the great thing about LinkedIn is that if you’re interested in what someone else is saying, you can reach out and invite them to connect with you. No business cards necessary.

As you might have gathered, I’m a big fan of LinkedIn and its Microsoft Dynamics CRM group. But don’t worry — my business cards still have their uses. I just dropped one into the ‘lucky draw jar’ at the pizza restaurant near my office at lunchtime — fingers crossed I could win a giant pepperoni pizza.

Have a great weekend.

Neil Benson

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