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Today I wanted to store newly created Web Controls for Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal in the VAR Layer instead of the default USR Layer.

As Web Controls are created in Visual Studio and stored in the AOT by using the .NET Business Connector, I’ve used the Dynamics AX 2009 Client Configuration Tool to update the Business Connector (non-interactive use only) configuration.

However even with this configuration change the newly created Web Controls were still added to the USR Layer instead of the specified VAR Layer.

The reason for this was that the .NET Business Connector in this scenario in not reading the configuration Business Connector (non-interactive use only) but the Local Client configuration.

By updating the Local Client configuration in Dynamics AX 2009 Client Configuration Tool my newly created objects were successfully stored in the VAR Layer.

–author: Alexander Lachner
–editor: Alexander Lachner
–date: 21-09-2010

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