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In order for the RTC (Role Tailored Client) to export to a shared location using Constrained Delegation, you need to setup delegation for the account that is running the NST service to the machine that is hosting the share. Here are the instructions on setting up delegation:

1. Open the User that is running in NAV Server Service in AD (Active Directory) and go to the Delegation Tab

2. Click on ‘Add’

3. Select ‘Users or Computers’

4. Enter in the name of the machine that is hosting the Shared Folder

5. Click ‘Check Names’ and now it should show an underline below the servername

6. Click ‘OK’

7. Now you should see a list of Services for this machine that contains the shared folder

8. Click on the Service called ‘cifs’

9. Click ‘OK’

10. The end result should now look like this:


Nick Haman, North America Escalation Engineer


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