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When you attempt to email customer invoices through Dynamics AX 2009 using Print Management, you’ll receive the error message “Print Management settings are not applicable” if the Print Management settings are not established appropriately. The email destination option in Print Management works in conjunction with the ‘Do not print’ setting. If you have the ‘Do not print’ setting marked in Print Management Setup and also have the email destination option selected, you will receive the “Print Management settings are not applicable” error message which prevent the customer invoices from being emailed. You will need to unmark the ‘Do not print’ setting in Print Management to ensure that the customer invoices get emailed. Please also note that unmarking the ‘Do not print’ setting will not cause the invoices to get sent to the printer. You will want to use the following steps:

1.       Go to Accounts Receivable | Setup | Forms | Form Setup.

2.      From the General tab of the Form Setup form, click the Print Management button.

3.      In the Print Management Setup form, expand Sales order invoice, and then click on ‘Original, <Default>’.

4.      In the Original or copy identification area of the form, unmark the ‘Do not print’ setting.

5.      Close the Print Management Setup form.

6.      Create a new sales order, go to Posting | Invoice, mark the Use Print Management option in the Posting Invoice form, and then click OK.

This should allow the email to be sent without receiving the “Print management settings are not applicable” error message. It also will not send an invoice to the printer.”

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