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Recently we came across some unusual behaviour of the Biztalk adapter in AX2009 and AX4 – this is that when the syncTimeout value for the adapter is set to zero (which means unlimited), the connectionPoolTimeout will default to 1 minute (the lowest possible value) this of course means that the connections can timeout after 1 minute.

So instead of setting the syncTimeout to zero, it is preferable to set the syncTimeout to a high value which should be between 1 and 60 minutes, which are also the minimum and maximum values for the connectionPoolTimeout. Setting syncTimeout any higher than 60 will mean tha the connectionPoolTimeout defaults to 60.

It is not possible to specify the connectionPoolTimeout separately in the adapter configuration.

The connectionPoolTimeout will be set to the same value as the syncTimeout, providing it is between 1 and 60, if it is lower then the connectionPoolTimeout is set to 1 and if it is higher then the connectionPoolTimeout is set to 60. The default syncTimeout (and therefore also default connectionPoolTimeout) is 20 minutes.

–author: Tariq Bell
–editor: Tariq Bell
–date: 29/Sep/2010

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