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As part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, the CRM Sustained Engineering (SE) team is releasing updates via Microsoft Update. Over the next few months the SE team will release updates to test the Microsoft Update functionality and deliver critical fixes needed for Beta customers. This article explains the CRM 2011 Client update scenarios. Other CRM 2011 components will be supported on Microsoft Update and will be covered at a later time.

Disclaimer: The screenshots below are from a Windows 7 machine. I didn’t run through all the scenarios on other Windows versions so the screens may differ depending on the operating system.

Enroll through Opt In Option

In order to get CRM 2011 fixes, the machine will need to be enrolled in Microsoft Update. The screen below will be displayed during setup if Microsoft Update is not configured on the machine. It allows the user to opt in during the setup process.


Getting CRM 2011 updates via Microsoft Update

There are various ways that updates will be installed:

1. End of setup

If the machine is opted in to Microsoft Update, the setup will automatically query and download available updates. The screenshot below is displayed when setup is checking and downloading updates.


2. Microsoft Update control panel

In the Microsoft Update control panel, the user can check for updates and install them. The screenshot below shows the first patch in the control panel. The CRM update is highlighted.


3. Automatic updates

If automatic updates are enabled for Microsoft Update, the Critical/Important updates will be downloaded and installed according to the configuration settings. The screenshot below is the change settings dialog in the Microsoft Update control panel.


4. Windows Server Update Service (WSUS)

During the Beta timeframe, CRM 2011 updates will not be posted on WSUS due to policy restrictions. The WSUS installation scenario will be supported after the official release of CRM 2011.

5. Microsoft Update catalog

If you would like to install the updates manually, you can download them from the Microsoft Update catalog. The catalog for CRM fixes is available at

Verifying if updates are installed

Updates will be listed in the Programs and Features\Installed Updates control panel.


Known issues

If you uninstall the CRM 2011 Client, the update registry keys remain on the machine. This will prevent the updates from being redisplayed if the Client is re-installed. This can be worked around by removing the Program and Features registry key.

However, please don’t delete registry keys if you are not familiar with them. The keys specific to this workaround are listed below and will depend on your Windows/CRM platform combination (i386 or amd64):






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