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As part of the process to receive a purchase order from the POS client the Import Logs operation needs to run.  When performing an Import Logs operation in batch, the process will always fail.  The reason this fails is that one of the methods attempts to update the Import Logs form, which is not present when running in batch.  In order to allow the batch processing, make the following changes to \Classes\HHTProcessImportLog\runEnd


protected Integer runEnd()





  if (!this.isInBatch())


    if (formHasMethodBookRefresh == unknownNoYes::Unknown)

        formHasMethodBookRefresh = formHasMethod(this.formRunObject(),identifierStr(bookRefresh)) ? unknownNoYes::Yes : unknownNoYes::No;


    if (formHasMethodBookRefresh == unknownNoYes::Yes)




    return 0;


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