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Coinciding with the Windows Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta Service Release that was shipped yesterday, you can now download an update to the CRM 2011 Beta SDK package. This update contains lots of new sample code, new content and some bug fixes.

Read the Release History on the first page the CHM for a complete list of changes. Here are the highlights:

  • Eight hands-on-labs to guide you through some of the new features. These are a great way to get started!
  • A tool that will enable Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users to get the device ID and password needed to run the CrmSvcUtil tools with CRM Online.
  • A utility that allows you to create and update Web Resources in bulk.
  • Information on how to create custom content for the Get Started Pane to make your solutions easy to learn.
  • Lots of new samples:
    • 50 new LINQ samples
    • JScript client libraries for form programming
    • Samples for goals, pricing, QOI, and scheduling

As always, we welcome your suggestions and comments about the SDK. You can quickly and directly send email feedback to Documentation Feedback. Documentation Feedback.


Amy Langlois
Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK & Developer Center

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