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You can make many customizations to the RoleTailored client Action Pane: You can create your own grouping of key tasks. You can add the actions and tasks you use most to your pages. You can combine those tasks in groups. And, you can change the size of icons so that the most important ones pop out!

The Action Pane is a part of all RoleTailored pages, including list places, journals, and cards.

1. To start customizing the Action Pane, click Customize .

2.Click Customize Action Pane.

3. To add a new Action Pane group, click Add to the right of Groups list.


4. In the Name field, enter the name of your new actions group and click OK.

5. Use Move Up, Move Down and Rename buttons to change the position and name of the group.

6. To add a new action to a group, select the group you want to add the action to.

7. Click Add to the right of Actions list.

8. Browse to the action and click OK.


9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for every action you want to add.

10. To change the size of an action icon, click Change Size. If small, the icon will increase in size. If large, the icon will decrease in size. Use Move Up and Move Down to change the position of the action.

11. Click OK to close the Customize window.


The following illustration shows a customized Action Pane for a sales order. It has an new action group, Approvals, two added tasks, and an icon with a largesize.

For more information about usability and the RoleTailored client, see the blog post Useful, Usable, and Desirable.

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