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When you work with lists, you often need to filter them and work with a subset, like customers from Germany or items in Blue location. After you create filters on a list, you can save the filtered list. This is especially useful if you have several filter parameters and you don’t want to create the filters every time you start your work. You can come back to the saved filtered list any time you want.

To Save a Filtered List

1. To save the filtered list, click the name of the list next to the filter field.

2. Click Save View As.

3. Type the name for the view and choose the Activity Group to store the view.

4. Click OK.

5. Click Yes to restart the application.


 After restart the saved filter appears in the Navigation Pane.

To Delete a Saved Filtered List

To delete a saved filtered list, you remove it from the Navigation Pane.

1. Right-click the saved filter in the Navigation Pane, and then click Customize Navigation Pane.

2. In the Customize Navigation Pane window, select your filtered list, click Remove, and then click OK.

3.  Click Yes to restart the application. After restart the saved filter no longer appears in the Navigation Pane.

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