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Why focusing Codeunit 99000854? If you interested on what is the logic behind NAV planning, you should look into this codeunit.

This codeunit is the link between how NAV planning logic is written (= “NAV Supply Planning White Paper”) and how this logic is executed (=functionality around Planning and Requisition Worksheets).
Based on this, I will be posting a series of entries regarding how this CU 99000854 performs. Furthermore, this series on entries will:
– provide info about what are the demands taken into account during planning run
– understand what are the considered supplies in NAV
– identify the primary code related with the how NAV will treat demands and supplies (ie. will any of these be allowed to reschedule?)
– understand why priorities are needed when netting demands/supplies
– understand what is the forecast and blanket order consumption
– verify what is the planning flexibility flag in NAV
To start with, we will be understanding what are the demand types from a NAV planning engine perspective.

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