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Does Dynamics NAV provide MRP II tools?

I am not sure how much the reader is familiar with this terminology but just in case …
ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning. As its name describes, ERP’s are intented to provide visibility of all resources in a company and provide planning tools for them (CRP as well asMRP planning). From this perspective, the whole enterprise is taken into account.
MRP II: Manufacturing Resource Planning. These are similar to ERP’s except MRP II focuses on manufacturing. With this in mind, the tools provided by an MRP II are more powerful from a manufacturing perspective however they loose perspective on the overall enterprise (ie. business priorities, strategic planning, etc.)
Dynamics NAV, which is an ERP, does not provide a full MRP II suite of tools … but it is not intended to provide them. Dynamics NAV provide the following capabilities which a MRP II does not provide:
– Integrates Planning and Control departments in a company
– Provides visibility on the Strategic Business Planning (ie. forecast or production plans)
-Supports plans and activities of marketing, finance and production to create plans to achieve the overall goals of the company (ie. demand planner)
– Provides Execution to the Purchasing and Sales (ie. Order management)
– …
Therefore, Dynamics NAV is an ERP and not an MRP II but … who knows in the near/mid-term future. I personally believe ERPs will be adding MRP II tools to their own functionality.

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