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Do you like that song? “Unforgettable”, Nat King Cole, 1954.  And yes, you are right: this is nothing to be with NAV. But, I was asked to start posting on this blog and wanted to explain what my posts would be about.

“Unforgettable” is what SCM (Supply Chain Management) is about when you come to the ERP arena. Most of the times, we go into the technical details of the NAV implementation and we forget what is the ultimate goal: a tool to boost the productivity, a tool to expand or extend the limits on how companies can reach or provide services.  In other words, do not forget that NAV needs to be optimal for your company productivity.

Just to ensure we all readers of this blog have common understanding, SCM is considered from a APICS definition to be all those tools which enables to increase customer satisfaction while minimizing inventory and reducing costs. From a Dynamics NAV perspective, granules which relate to SCM are those which map the following business processes:
– Sales & Purchase Profit (sales and purchase order management)
– Inventory Optimization (planning, inventory management)
– Warehouse Management
– Cost Reduction (Cost method and application)
– Service Management

Now, that I introduced myself, I will be posting my first post following …

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